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An under girding of prayer is important for any ministry effort, but when dealing with sexual sin and brokenness it is critically important. Wounds are often deep-seated and they do not heal easily or quickly; the process of change is complex and time-consuming. Persistent, believing prayer will often be the most "effective" action we can take.


Also, if we choose to engage in political effort on behalf of our church or culture, it's very easy to forget that we are not battling against the precious people that God loves, but against "spiritual forces of evil."  (Ephesians 6:12)  Only prayer will provide us with the discernment, wisdom, courage and compassion that we need.


If you are called to intercede on behalf of sexual strugglers and the Transforming Congregations ministry, then we would like to have you as part of our prayer team. Individual, church and national ministry requests are sent out by email on an "as needed" basis. Email the national office to be added to the Intercessory Prayer Team.  


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