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People who succeed in changing their sexual desire and behavior tell us that there were usually four essential ingredients in their journey of healing and wholeness -- the four listed to the right in the Table of Contents.


Often, one of the very first ways people are helped is when they hear how Jesus has healed and changed someone else's life. These stories are not only powerful and encouraging, but they testify to the reality, hope and truth of God's promises in Scripture. Family members and friends often need encouragement, too. Learning how others have responded to their loved one's sexual issues can offer both comfort and faith to persevere in prayer.


Click on the links below the pictures to go to a pdf version of each testimony. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here.




Forgiven, Healed and Made Whole by Larry and Betty Baker

Still on the Journey by Pat Beadle

Transforming a Worldview by Karen Booth

Healed by God's Love by Ron Dennis

God, Who Overcomes by Bonnie Doebley

You can read many more testimonies on the Restored Hope Network web site by clicking here.

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