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The journey of sexual sanctification can be difficult because of underlying issues and unhealed wounds from the past. One-on-one counseling can help expose and deal with underlying emotional and spiritual causes of sexual temptation and behavior. To find helpful counseling, people need to give thoughtful consideration to their needs and resources, as well as discover what is available in their local area. Discernment and common sense should direct the choice of a counselor, making sure he or she is professionally qualified and duly licensed by the appropriate governing authorities.


The Christian Broadcasting Network website has a helpful article called "Choosing a Christian Counselor," which spells out the various types of counseling options and the professional requirements for certification. (Remember that you will be on a page outside this website. Use your browser's "back" button to return.)


The American Association of Christian Counselors and Focus on the Family (800-232-6459) provide lists of affiliated counselors, though they may not all have experience with same-sex attraction.


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